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YA New Releases July 19, 2016

Not too many new YAs this week. We have a dystopia, a contemporary romance, an alien-hunting adventure, a bank heist adventure, a mystery, and one ambiguous genre. I am most excited about Smash & Grab by Amy Christine Parker.

A World Without You (Beth Revis)
This could be either a paranormal time-travel story or problem fiction about mentally ill teens. Either way, it sounds like an awesome new story by the author of the popular Across the Universe trilogy. Seventeen-year old Bo has always believed he could travel through time. He claims to have seen the Titanic sink and bodies on a Civil War battlefield. When his concerned parents send him to a school for troubled youth, Bo believes that, like other students at the school, Bo's abilities are a superpower.
The Revival (Chris Weitz)
Third and final book in The Young World trilogy, where a futuristic New York City is ruled by teens. Science fiction, dystopia.
The Way Back Home (Alecia Whitaker)
Wildflower, book 3. Fresh off the heels of her second album release, seventeen-year old Bird Barrett is headed out on her first national tour. With her long-time crush Adam opening the show and her best friend becoming more than friends with her brother, Bird tries to distract herself with her career. Can Bird handle all the pressure on her own? Contemporary romance.
Flying (Carrie Jones)
An alien-hunting cheerleader? Sounds interesting! Seventeen-year old Mana finds out her overprotective mother is not only missing, Mana's mother is also an alien. Now, it's up to Mana to save her mother--and the world--from the aliens desperate to find a piece of technology that went missing with her mother. Science fiction.
Smash & Grab (Amy Christine Parker)
Early Goodreads reviews are very mixed for this book, but it sounds like a lot of fun. Lexi, a rich girl who loves a good rush, goes undercover at her father's bank in order to clear his name. Christian is a boy from the wrong side of the tracks involved in a plan to pull a heist at the same bank. Give it to students who loved Carter's Heist Society trilogy. Action-adventure, romance.
Signs of You (Emily France)
Riley Strout lost her mother two years ago. Ever since, her friends from a teen grief support group have been her saving grace. But when Riley thinks she saw her mother shopping in a grocery store, her friends Jay and Kate report seeing their deceased loved ones as well. Only Noah remains skeptical as he does not see his deceased loved one. But when Noah disappears, Riley fears she has lost another loved one. Pair with Laura Ruby's Bone Gap. Mystery.

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