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YA New Releases--July 12, 2016

My most anticipated new release this week, hands-down, is Hollow City: The Graphic Novel by Ransom Riggs and Cassandra Jean. Both the novel and the graphic novel versions of Miss Peregrine are crazy-popular in my library!

Shiny Broken Pieces (Sona Charaipotra)
Tiny Pretty Things, book 2. Three friends compete for the top spot at Manhattan's most elite ballet school. The first book, Tiny Pretty Things, is $1.99 on Kindle in July 2016! Contemporary.

The Shadow Hour (Melissa Grey)
The Girl At Midnight, book 2. This one sounds a bit like Bardugo's Shadow & Bone. Echo is a firebird, a creature of light that is said to bring peace. But along with light, a darkness has also entered the world, and Echo knows the Dragon Prince won't fall without a fight. Dark fantasy, paranormal.

The Season (Jonah Lisa Dyer)
Soccer star Megan McKnight dreams of playing in the Olympics. But first, she must suffer through the Dallas debutante season that her mother enrolled her in. Suddenly, Megan has to trade in her cleats for heels and box jumps for curtsies. I love that this is set in my hometown in Texas, but it seems like I've read many books like this. Also, I lived in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for 18 years, and I never knew or heard of anyone participating in a debutante ball. Maybe I was hanging around the wrong crowd? Chick lit, romance.

Hollow City: The Graphic Novel (Ransom Riggs, Cassandra Jean)
This is the graphic novel version of Hollow City, the sequel to Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. Both the book and the graphic novel versions of this trilogy are VERY popular with my students. I am in the USA visiting right now, and I plan to buy this book this week to take back to my school in China. If I wait to order it when school starts in August, we'll be waiting months for shipping. Paranormal, possibly horror (some students have told me they thought it was scary).

The Killer in Me (Margot Harrison)
Seventeen-year old Nina Barrows has always had an inexplicable connection to The Thief, a serial killer whom no one knows exists. Together with her best friend Warren, Nina decides to track The Thief down once and for all. But when she meets him, Dylan Shadwell is exactly what he appears to be: a veteran who is dedicated to his girlfriend and daughter. Is it possible that Nina's been wrong all this time? Does The Thief even exist? Psychological thriller.

Rampage: The Singular Menace (John Sandford, Michele Cook)
Third and final book in The Singular Menace trilogy. This is a little-guy-versus-corrupt-corporation kind of story, along the lines of Grisham's Theodore Boone or Reichs' Virals series.

Rebellion (J.A. Souders)
Third and final book in The Elysium Chronicles series. I reviewed Revelations (book 2 in this series) for School Library Journal a few years ago, and I can remember that I felt like I had missed a lot because I had not read the first book. Evie and Gavin return to the dangerous underwater city of Elysium to join an underground rebellion and unseat Mother once and for all.

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