Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Middle Grade New Releases--July 12, 2016

For once, I'm more excited about the middle grade new releases this week than I am about the YA list! We have several unique choices this week, including:
  • alternate history
  • magical realism
  • autism
  • animal fantasy
  • steampunk
  • a conservation retelling
  • several sequels
  • two survival novels
Battlesaurus: Clash of Empires (Brian Falkner)
So this sounds interesting: Napoleon Bonaparte has turned dinosaurs from a forbidden world into weapons of war. With Napoleon now setting his sights on invading England, the only hope lies with Willem, the young son of a magician. Alternate history, fantasy.
Serafina and the Twisted Staff (Robert Beatty)
Sequel to: Serafina and the Black Cloak. You know the first book has some influence when my Dad was the one telling me about it! He lives in North Carolina though, and this book is set at the Biltmore Estate. Now that Serafina has defeated the Man in the Black Cloak, she is back at home at the Biltmore Estate. At night, she meets with her mother in the woods to learn more about her kind. But someone is once again wreaking havoc at the Biltmore, and they are more evil than anything Serafina has encountered. Fantasy, paranormal.
Crimson Skew (S.E. Grove)
Mapmakers trilogy, book 3. We have the first book in this trilogy, The Glass Sentence in my library. If you inhale the red fog called Crimson Skew, you will become a murderer, and Sophia and her companions are directly in its path. Set in Boston in the late-1800s. Fantasy, historical fiction, adventure.
Sticks & Stones (Abby Cooper)
I want to read this! It sounds unique and interesting, and the Goodreads ratings are quite high right now (4.48 out of 73 ratings). Ever since she was a child, the words people say about Elyse have magically imprinted themselves on her arms and legs. When she was little, it was words like "adorable" or "cute." Now that she's in middle school, the words are becoming meaner. Magical realism.
Rookie of the Year (Phil Bildner)
Rip & Red, book 2. Fifth grade friends Rip and Red meet Tiki, a new girl in their class who can play some serious basketball. Red is on the autism spectrum. This one is too young for my school, but I know librarians and teachers are always on the lookout for titles featuring students with learning differences. Realistic fiction, sports (basketball), autism.
Teddycats (Mike Storey)
This sounds a bit like Pokemon meets the Warriors series. Teddycats live in Cloud Kingdom. There are a few important rules in Cloud Kingdom, but the most important is to never bring in outsiders. But Bill, a young teddycat, does just that when he brings his friend Luke into Cloud Kingdom, bringing danger to their sanctuary. Animal fantasy.
The Inside Job and Other Skills I Learned As A Superspy (Jackson Pearce)
Sequel to: Doublecross. Hale, a young double-agent, and his friends travel to Switzerland in order to neutralize the Sub Rosa Society. Pair with Stuart Gibbs' Spy School series. Action-adventure, spies.
The Monster War (Alan Gratz)
Book 3 in the League of Seven series. Archie and his friends race to find the last two members of the League of Seven, thwart Moffett's plans, and rescue humanity. Steampunk, adventure.
The Wolves of Currumpaw (William Grill)
An illustrated, modern-day retelling of Lobo, the King of Currumpaw, published in 1898. The author of the original went on to found the Boy Scouts of America. William Grill is also the author of Shackleton's Journey, winner of the 2015 Kate Greenaway Medal. Retelling, conservation, survival, (longer) picture book.
Treasure of Maria Mamoun (Michelle Chalfoun)
Struggling to make ends meet, twelve-year old Maria's mother takes a job in wealthy Martha's Vineyard, where she cares for a mysterious bedridden man. With her mother busy with her charge, Maria spends her days roaming the seaside estate and following a treasure map with a new local friend. This sounds a bit like a modern-day Secret Garden. Adventure, mystery.
Swamp: Bayou Teche, Louisiana, 1851 (Kathleen Duey)
When Paul Courville and his mean-spirited older brothers go missing, no one in their Cajun community is really too worried about it. Paul's wealthy father has never been kind to Cajuns like Lily and her family, so why should they worry about the troublemaker boys? But Paul is Lily's friend, and worried, she heads out into the alligator-infested swamp to find them on her own. Adventure, survival.
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