Tuesday, July 19, 2016

MG New Releases July 19, 2016

Several good-looking MG releases this week, but I think my most-anticipated is The Thing About Leftovers by C.C. Payne. Many middle graders will identify with the protagonist and having to deal with divorcing parents moving on. I know from experience that this is really difficult to deal with at any age, especially during the already-turbulent middle school years. I'll most definitely be reading that one.

Tales from the Haunted Mansion (Amicus Arcane)
Each story in this series is about one of the 999 ghosts in the Disney attraction, The Haunted Mansion. Those familiar with the Disney ride will recognize elements from The Haunted Mansion in the book. Horror.
The Thing About Leftovers (C.C. Payne)
I read the description of this book, and my heart just hurts thinking about the main character, Fizzy's, feeling that she is a "leftover kid." Far too many middle schoolers are in Fizzy's situation, and I myself was in a somewhat similar situation when I was in middle school. I will read this book and get it for my library. The desire to be perfect, the divorce, the parents' new relationships...there is so much here for middle readers to identify with. Realistic fiction.
Stars So Sweet (Tara Dairman)
All Four Stars, book 3. Gladys Gatsby is about to start middle school, and she has a secret job as the New York Standard's youngest restaurant critic. But now, her editor wants to meet face-to-face, and Gladys is going to have to come clean. Great for all the young foodies out there! Realistic fiction.
Click Here to Start (Denis Markell)
Twelve-year old Ted Gerson loves to play video games. When Ted's eccentric uncle leaves him a room full of junk, Ted is thrilled to find it is set up as an escape room. Ted and his friends set out to explore the room and find the real-life treasure Ted's uncle has left for him. But someone else wants the fortune and is hot on Ted's heels. Mystery.
Billy Sure, Kid Entrepreneur (Luke Sharpe)
Billy Sure is the 12-year old inventor and owner of Sure Things, Inc. Billy wants to help other kid inventors get their start, so he hosts an online contest for new inventions. But with so many great ideas pouring in, how is Billy to pick just one? Great for STEAM! Illustrated in the manner of James Patterson's Middle School series. Humor.
My Gym Teacher is an Alien Overlord (David Solomons)
Sequel to: My Brother is a Superhero. When Luke's older brother became a superhero, Luke was disgruntled that he did not also become one. Now, his friend Lara has become one, too, and Luke is feeling completely left out. Luke wants to solve crimes, too, so he decides he can, even if he doesn't have superpowers. Action-adventure, superheroes.

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