Sunday, May 22, 2016

Weekly YA Top 5: New Releases Week of May 24, 2016

Before I start this week's list of new releases, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to my followers. I am completely humbled that since January, I have gone from around 300 email subscribers to, as of today, 1000 subscribers from all over the world. This huge jump in readership has inspired me to really think about the needs of my readers so I can widen our community and offer ideas that can help make all of us, including me, better and more efficient at our jobs as teachers and librarians. Your support, comments, Tweets, and emails have also encouraged me pick up my genrefication book again. It's been sitting quietly in my Scrivener folder, about 80% finished for over a year now. My goal now is to have it finished by the end of the summer.

So whether you are a new follower or one who has been with me for the past five years, I am screaming a huge "Thank you!" If there is something I can do to help you or make your job easier in some way, please, please let me know!

Okay, switching gears now to this week's list of YA new releases, which are refreshingly high on action and mystery. The Middle Grades list will post tomorrow!

The Last Star (5th Wave, book 3) (Rick Yancey)
You already knew about this one, didn't you? My students have asked me about this book since last year. The 5th Wave has been a hit in my library for years, and a new wave of checkouts happened when the movie released in January. The Last Star is the third and final book in the trilogy. Post-apocalypse, aliens.
Outrun the Moon (Stacey Lee)
San Francisco, 1906. Tired of living in impoverished Chinatown, 17-year old Mercy Wong uses her cunning and a little bribery to enroll herself in posh St. Clare's School for Girls. But getting in was the easy part. Mercy soon finds that it isn't easy being a fake heiress. But when the San Francisco earthquake hits, Mercy is forced to wait with her classmates in a temporary encampment. Historical Fiction.
Please Don't Tell (Laura Tims)
Joy knows what Adam Gordan did to her twin sister, Grace. Joy wanted Adam dead. So when Joy blacks out at a party and Adam DOES end up dead, Joy believes she must have done it. Alternates between Joy's voice (in the present) and Grace's voice (in the past). Mystery, thriller.
The Safest Lies (Megan Miranda)
Seventeen years ago, Kelsey's mother escaped kidnappers, with baby Kelsey growing inside her. Since then, Kelsey's mother has been too afraid to leave the house. Kelsey knows she is supposed to keep a low profile and stay safe. But when Kelsey's car runs off a cliff, Kelsey is saved by classmate and volunteer firefighter Ryan Baker. When Kelsey returns home a few days later, her mother is missing. Mystery, thriller.
26 Kisses (Anna Michels)
To help Veda get over a bad breakup, Veda's best friend gives her an A-to-Z Kissing Challenge. Veda must kiss 26 boys this summer--one for each letter of the alphabet--in an attempt to move on. A light, fun read perfect for the beach or poolside. Contemporary romance.


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