Monday, May 23, 2016

Best new MG Releases This Week--May 24, 2016

Last week, I was so unimpressed with the MG releases that I combined my MG and YA new releases posts into one. This week, there are several unique MG titles worth a closer look. We have two disaster/survival titles, narrative nonfiction, a graphic novel coming-of-age, and a guide to life for autistic teens.

Mayday (Karen Harrington)
Are you ready for a good cry? Wayne has had a really rough time lately. His dad is a deadbeat who makes promises but never delivers. His uncle in the army has just died overseas. Wayne and his mom survive a deadly plane crash on the way back from the funeral. And now, damaged vocal chords means Wayne can no longer speak. Both Publisher's Weekly and Kirkus have starred this title. Realistic fiction, coming-of-age, disaster/survival.
A Clatter of Jars (Lisa Graff)
Companion to: A Tangle of Knots. Where do Talented kids--those who have magical powers--go for summer camp? Camp Atropos! But a summer of campfire songs and talent shows soon turns sinister when talents and memories get swapped among the campers. Fantasy.
A Storm Too Soon (Michael Tougias)
Based on the true story of three men clinging to life when their sailboat capsizes and sinks into the Gulf Stream. The three survivors hang onto their torn life raft, waiting for rescue while being tossed about in stormy seas. Narrative nonfiction.
It's Not a Perfect World, But I'll Take It: 50 Life Lessons for Teens Who are Kind Of (You Know) Autistic (Jennifer Rose)
Uplifting guide to life written by an austic college student. A unique addition to libraries serving teens. Nonfiction.
The Lost Compass (Joel Ross)
Sequel to: Fog Diver. Thirteen-year old Chess and his crew must stop the mysterious fog from destroying Port Oro. To stop the fog, Chess, Hazel, Swedish, and Bea must find an ancient machine called the Compass. Fantasy, action-adventure.
Sea Change (Frank Viva)
I LOVE realistic graphic novels, and I'll definitely order this one for the library. On the first day of summer vacation, Eliot's parents send him to the edge of the world--a small fishing village in Nova Scotia called Point Aconi. Eliot is not impressed with the village (or its grumpy men and bullies) at first, but he soon finds a hidden library and meets a mysterious girl named Mary Beth. Graphic novel, coming of age.


  1. Thank you. As always, your comments are very helpful, even though we sometimes have trouble sourcing the books here in South Africa

    1. We sometimes have trouble getting them here in China also, but it usually just takes longer. The vast majority of the time, we get them a few months after we order them from the USA, UK, or Australia.


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