Thursday, March 27, 2014

Booktalk Prezi: Awful Covers

Don't you just hate it when the book is fabulous, but the cover is terrible? This booktalk is all about those fantastic books that have unappealing covers or covers that just don't appeal to teen readers. For example, Harlan Coben's Shelter is immensely popular in my library. But the cover--a boy's shadow across the floor--just isn't all that interesting. The cover doesn't just scream, "Check me out!" The same goes for the paperback Shelter, which looks more like a paranormal romance than a mystery about a missing girl. The popularity of this book is not about the cover; it's about booktalking and word-of-mouth.

Direct link to this Prezi (you can download and edit to fit your collection)

Compare Shelter's cover with that of Kate Brian's Fake Boyfriend, which I have neither read nor booktalked. This book is frequently checked out, despite my lack of ever promoting or recommending it. I attribute its success mainly to the catchy front cover. It's front cover does what it is supposed to do--it gets your attention and sells the book.

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