Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Badger Library Madness 2014

Blank Library Madness Brackets
Badger Library Madness 2014 (contenders for my library)

*The formatting on both of these is coming out wonky--if you want the original, just email me!

I am so psyched to try this out! I got this idea from Katie's Book Blog and then tweaked it for middle school similar to Goldenview Library. There are lots of other Book Madness and Library Madness links out there, just waiting to be Googled!

Here's how I created my brackets:

  1. Using Destiny Reports, I printed a list of the top 50 most-circulated titles in my library in the past 99 days.
  2. I selected the top 32 books. Series books are listed by the first title in the series. For example, all three books in the Divergent series appeared in my top 50. I listed them as only one book--Divergent--instead of as three separate titles.
  3. I split books into two groups--top half and bottom half. I numbered each half 1-16.
  4. Match up the 1s, the 2s, the 3s, etc.
  5. Create the bracket. This part took me forever because I wasted lots of time trying to find an editable one online. To save yourself time, feel free to use my Excel template or email me for a digital copy. I am going to use our school's poster maker to print a large copy of the brackets.
Madness online poll

Next, I used Google Forms to create a poll for my students. I plan to leave this open on three library computers for easy voting. Students can vote in any/all categories they choose. I am going to request that the students have actually read the books they vote for. Since these are the top-circulating books, I know these titles have been widely-read in my school.

Last, I created the video above using Animoto. Because I'm using the free version of Animoto, I could only fit 12 books into the video. I haven't used Animoto in years, but wow! I'll be using that again very soon--I may even purchase a subscription!

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