Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Music-Themed Booktalk--Warrant's "I Saw Red"

I have four new music-themed booktalks this week! Yesterday, it was Aerosmith's "Dream On," featuring books about sleeping, comas, Sleeping Beauty spin-offs, and nightmares.

Today's booktalk uses Warrant's "I Saw Red" for red-themed books. For this booktalk, I featured books from our Mystery genre section (red labels), plus anything related to anger, Communism, and Little Red Riding Hood. I used this with one class of eighth graders yesterday, and not one of them said they had heard this song before. We talked about the meaning of the song (guy discovers his girlfriend is unfaithful) and what the expression "I saw red" means.

Here's the prezi--feel free to use or modify as you need to! I also linked it at the bottom if you want to download it.

Download "I Saw Red" Prezi booktalk

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  1. These are wonderful. Is there a way to follow you on prezi? I would love to be able to see your booktalks as they are published.

    1. I don't know if there is a follow option, but I will post them here also. Glad you liked!

  2. Love the late 80s early 90s hairband references! Oh yeah---the prezi is pretty great, too! :)

    Channeling my inner rock star in the middle school media center today!


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