Saturday, October 26, 2013

It's mid-October. Do you know where your Naruto p. 12 is?

I could not resist writing this post.

Last Friday, one of our five middle school librarians sent an email to the other middle school librarians in our district. She wanted us to check out Naruto, volume 11, page 12.

Due to copyright laws, I cannot post a photo of the page of the book, but I can describe it. It features a full-page frontal drawing of a curvaceous lady. Her "private areas" are strategically covered, so nothing really shows even though the lady wears no clothes and there is plenty of skin showing.

All five middle schools in our district have the Naruto series, including volume 11. This is what we discovered:
  • one copy (mine) has scribble drawn over the lady's chest and pelvic region. On her belly, someone wrote "No Peeking!"
  • one copy is totally missing pages 11-14
  • one copy has little stickers that read "--- Middle School" placed over the lady's chest and pelvic region.

Ah, middle school, how I do love thee!

So where is your library's Naruto, vol 11, p. 12? Post into the comments or email me, and I will add them to the list!

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  1. Um, I randomly found this blog after looking up naruto and age appropriateness stuff. We are missing pages 12-14 too!!!! hahaha.

    1. @Anonymous 1:17--Too funny! Glad to see we're not alone!


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