Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Booktalking with The Beatles--"Across the Universe"

Day three of my four new music-themed booktalks using Prezi! Today's booktalk is a great prequel to my "Readlemania: Booktalking with John, Paul, Ringo and George" booktalk at Region XI Education Service Center tomorrow because it goes with "Across the Universe" from The Beatles. This one features science fiction titles that deal with space travel and/or aliens.

I just started Alienated by Melissa Landers last night. It's not out until February 2014, but it would also go with this theme if you are a high school librarian. Loving it so far!

From earlier this week:
Aerosmith "Dream On" booktalk
Warrant "I Saw Red" booktalk

There are other music-themed booktalks under the "Lessons" tab above!

Download "Across the Universe" booktalk from Prezi

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