Monday, September 30, 2013

Booktalking with Aerosmith!

So those of you who know me or have seen any of my booktalking presentations know that I like using popular music (particularly classic rock) to theme my booktalks. This week, I have four new ones I created for use with my eighth graders.

To ensure books are available when my students want them, I try not to repeat any one book talk in a 3-week period. This means that I have to create new ones frequently, but they are super-fun to make. And, once you make them, you can reuse them later with different groups of students. I have some of my other music-themed presentations linked under the "Lesson Ideas" tab above.

I did this one for middle school, based on the books available in my library. If I were doing this for high school, I would definitely include Lisa McMann's Wake series! So good!!!!

I have been experimenting with Prezi in the past few weeks. It's easy, but there are still lots of things I haven't figured out yet. Bear with me!

Here is first of four booktalks I'm featuring this week. This one goes with Aerosmith's "Dream On" and features books that have something to do with sleeping, Sleeping Beauty, comas, nightmares, and dreaming. I always begin my booktalks with the song playing and lyrics showing--many of these are available on YouTube--so the first slide is the "Dream On" song and lyrics. Please feel free to copy it and modify as you need!

"Dream On" booktalk

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