Monday, May 20, 2013

Will the real MrsReaderPants please stand up?

I got an interesting surprise yesterday. Apparently, I have a Twitter twin. Someone out there in the Twitterverse thinks I'm important enough to use my real name, my MrsReaderPants name, and my EXACT Twitter profile description for their own Twitter account. 

This is me. The real me.


This is my Twitter Twin. Notice that he/she is using my REAL name, my REAL professional credentials, my REAL location, and my EXACT Twitter profile description.


That chick in the picture is not me. I've never seen that dog in my life. But would people who don't know me personally know that? And the photo is so small, even people who do know me might not be able to tell that it's not my face in that picture.

This is particularly troublesome because I am a public school employee. My students, their parents, fellow teachers, and others who might want to find me on Twitter will find TWO Leigh Collazos. One is MrsReaderPants (that's ME); the other is MrsReaderPantsu (that's the poser). At this point, the tweets from this person are run-of-the-mill benign Twitter ramblings, but what if this person decides to post something not nice, all in my name? What if he/she posts something hurtful about kids or, worse, a graphic photo or comment? My reputation and career are at the mercy of some fool who can't come up with his/her own Twitter profile.

I have filed a complaint with Twitter (used their online form and faxed proof of my identity to them). I sent an email to my principal and library coordinator, alerting them of my Twitter Twin. I have tweeted several times about it, and I sent a message to those people following the Twin who have book/library-related profiles. What else can I do but wait for Twitter to shut this low-life down? And blog about it, of course...

Have you ever been hijacked by a Twitter Twin? Is there anything else I can do? Does anyone know how long Twitter might take to shut down this imposter?

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