Saturday, May 18, 2013

Back by popular demand...summer checkout!


See these books? They are about to be fought over.

If you are unfamiliar with my summer checkout from last year (or just need a refresher), you might want to read this post first. It explains the how and why.

Worried about my sanity when school starts (my library aide's job was recently cut), I was not planning to do summer checkout this year. No, I wasn't happy about that.

But in the past few days, I have had numerous students ask if I was going to do it again. They were so bummed when I told them I wasn't planning to do it this year. But without my aide, I would be adding that to my already over-full plate for the first few weeks of school in August. There are always students who don't turn in their books on time. There are always those I have to track down and beg to bring their summer books back. It's one more thing to do at an already hectic time.

But today, at a birthday party of one of my son's classmates, I met a wonderful mom who has two children at our school. She offered to help with summer checkout recovery in August, so guess what, Willkie kids? We'll be doing our summer checkout after all!

I am going to tweak this plan a little from last year. Instead of pulling the summer books for the students, I am going to have them pull the books themselves. That way, when we get 50 requests for the same book (last year, Lissa Price's Starters was in hot demand), they will be able to pick something else. I will continue to offer the "Let Mrs. Collazo pick" option--very popular last year--for students who want some surprise books in their summer bags.

I am also going to attempt to solicit some donations of tote bags from our vendors. The grocery sacks we used last year were not strong enough for more than a few books in a sack.

This is the new summer checkout form I'm using this year. Last year's form (and the online book club information) is still available in last year's summer checkout post.

I can't wait to tell them on Monday--summer checkout is BACK ON! Thank you, Mrs. H, for offering to help out!

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