Thursday, March 21, 2013

Genre Spotlight: Sci-Fi Section

Science fiction is hands-down my favorite genre section in our library. I have read lots and lots of our sci-fi books, and I almost always love them. My affection for this section is probably at least part of the reason it is so popular in our school. I read them and booktalk them heavily. They tend to have great book trailers. They tend to be genderless; boys are willing to read books with female protagonists, and vice versa. They adapt easily to the big-screen, and many of them have film adaptations.

Though dystopian romance is a hot commodity in the publishing market these days, much of the new publications feature high-quality writing, strong character development, and unique world-building. Considering all this, it's no wonder that books from our sci-fi section account for ten of our top 15 most-frequently circulated titles in the past 90 days.

More info about our beloved science fiction section...

OVERALL STATS (includes genre sections only--no nonfiction, E, AV, or reference materials included in these stats):
  • number of books in section: 710
  • number of circulations past 90 days: 1382
  • percentage of genre-fied holdings: 10.67%
  • percentage of genre-fied circulations past 90 days: 14.05%


MOST POPULAR TITLES (past 90 days):
  • The Hunger Games trilogy (Collins)
  • Unwind and Unwholly(Shusterman)
  • The Maze Runner series (Dashner)
  • Starters (Price)
  • Legend and Prodigy (Lu)
  • Matched trilogy (Condie)
  • The Compound (Bodeen)
  • The Selection (Cass)
  • The Darkest Minds (Bracken)
  • Blood Red Road and Rebel Heart (Young)
  • Divergent and Insurgent (Roth)
  • Ugliesseries (Westerfeld)
  • Chaos Walking trilogy (Ness)
  • The Clone Codes (McKissack)

TRENDING: dystopia and post-apocalyptic with romances (Thank you, Hunger Games!)

CRITERIA FOR SECTION: Books in the science fiction section should have some of the following characteristics:
  • set in the future
  • dystopian world
  • apocalyptic event such as global climate change, plague, natural disaster, world war, etc.
  • scientific or technological innovations (i.e., cool futuristic gadgets!)
  • undesirable or hardscrabble setting
  • time travel
  • mind control
  • loss of personal freedoms
  • clones, cyborgs, aliens, artificial intelligence
  • genetic engineering

TROUBLESHOOTING: Holy multiple copies, Batman! Many of the books in this section are so popular that we need lots of extra copies. I have 17 copies of The Hunger Games, 11 of Catching Fire, and 15 of Mockingjay. Guess what? All of the first two in the series are currently checked out. I recently stopped booktalking The Selection (Cass) because we had 26 hold requests and only three copies. After ordering eight more copies, bringing our total to 11, we now have only 3 hold requests still pending. Yeah! I can start talking it up again!

Other titles with more than five copies in my library (that are ALWAYS checked out):
  • The Darkest Minds (Bracken)--Another one I stopped booktalking for a little while until I can get our number of holds down a bit.
  • Under the Never Sky (Rossi)
  • The Maze Runner series (Dashner)
  • Blood Red Road  and Rebel Heart (Young)
  • Matched series (Condie)
  • Starters (Price)
  • Unwind and Unwholly (Shusterman)
  • The Eleventh Plague (Hirsch)

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  1. I loved The Maze Runner series. I heard they will make a movie of it?

  2. I love dystopian novels! I think I might be one of the few who has not felt the burn out of the genre.


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