Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Paper Plane-Palooza!

My husband had a dentist appointment one day last week, so I had my boys (5 and 7) at school with me for about 90 minutes. To keep them entertained, I pulled out an easy origami book, and we made paper airplanes together. They had a blast making and flying them! One lucky plane will live on forever on the very high beam running across my library ceiling. There is no telling when/if that beam will get cleaned. (I suppose we could make slingshots--hmmm...)

Best of all, my "Mommy cool factor" went up a whole degree! I love hearing my boys tell their dad that "Mommy's plane flies better." Pure music!

My boys wanted to check out the origami book, so we brought two of them home. As I write this, my seven-year old is working on his fifth project (from the book) in about two hours. He's been hard at work since we got home.

Making paper airplanes with my children inspired me to order more paper airplane origami books for my library. We didn't have anything specifically about plane design, so I ordered three new ones today.

When the books arrive, I plan to have a "Paper Plane-Palooza." Here's my plan:

  • Invite the students to check out some of my gorgeous new paper plane books. I will probably need to put them on-reserve in the library for a period so everyone has access.
  • Announce a Paper Plane Palooza date after school in a couple of weeks. During this time, students can try new designs, play with alterations, decorate their planes, etc.
  • The Palooza would be held after school a long hallway inside the building. Students would get two chances to fly their plane as best they can in the hallway.
  • Prizes will be given for the highest flight, longest flight, fancy tricks (do not have to be intentional!), most creative, and funniest.
  • Could align with art classes (decorate the plane), science classes (physics, velocity, speed, etc), and math classes (geometry/angles, distance/time, creating word problems).
  • Extension activities might include research on planes, new flight technology, careers in engineering and flight, inventors, famous pilots in history (Earhart, Wright Brothers, Lindbergh, etc.), space shuttle program...
  • Possible prizes=origami book, origami papers, new Origami Yoda book from the book fair (the third one, The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee, will be featured in Scholastic's Fall 2012 book fairs)

So much fun in store! I am so excited for school to begin in a couple of weeks!

Some great paper airplane sites:
10 Paper Airplanes

Exploratorium Paper Airplanes--I made the design on the homepage, and it is THE BEST! Glides like crazy!

How to Make 50 Cool and Amazing Paper Airplanes

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