Thursday, June 14, 2012

Recommend a...Trilogy

Ooh, I love the concept of "Recommend a..." from the Chick Loves Lit blog. This week's meme is "Recommend a...TRILOGY."

Hex Hall Trilogy by Rachel Hawkins

While it is sometimes criticized for being too similar to Harry Potter, to me, the Hex Hall trilogy features a unique cast of entertaining characters and events that will keep readers guessing.

Synopsis: Sophie Mercer tries to live life as a young witch should. But Sophie's unusually strong powers make attending a normal high school for normal kids impossible. Now, after a spell at a school dance goes incredibly awry, Sophie's warlock father sends her to attend Hex Hall, a hidden reform school for witches, wizards, faeries, shapeshifters, vampires, and werewolves.

As Sophie reluctantly moves in and gets settled, she learns of mysterious attacks on students that have become more frequent in recent weeks. When her vampire roommate gets accused of harming another girl, Sophie sets out to discover who--or what--is behind the seemingly random attacks. 

The Hex Hall trilogy has everything paranormal romance readers could possibly want--a varied cast of paranormals, a complex love triangle, surprise twists, vengeful ghosts, mean girls, a quirky boarding school location.

While it will appeal to a wide array of paranormal readers, I especially recommend this one for middle school girls. Hex Hall has been a hit in my library, even with girls who can read well but choose not to.

Review of Hex Hall
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Goodreads summary of Spellbound (I have not read #3 yet)

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  1. This is a great series.. I still have to read the last one...

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever


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