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2011-2012 School Year Top 25 Most-Circulated Titles

At the end of each school year, I compile a list of the Top 25 books circulated in my middle school library. Many of these books appear on our Lone Star Plus list, which is quite popular for recreational reading at my school.

View last year's list (2010-2011)

Before getting to our Top 25, I want to give honorable mention to some titles that didn't make the Top 25. These books had a huge following, even though they are either older titles or too new to make it on this year's list. Watch for them next year!

Honorable mention to:
  • Playground (50 Cent)--This book about bullying from the bully's point of view is actually quite well-written. Engaging characters and good pacing make this one especially popular with my 8th grade boys. Read review.

  • Gone series (Michael Grant)--This series was in last year's Top 25; this year Gone was in 31st place. I think that's pretty incredible for a book that debuted in 2008, when many of my students were still just learning to read.

  • I Am Number Four (Pittacus Lore)--Another Top 25 from last year, I Am Number Four placed 36th this year. As with the Gone series, Lore's The Lorien Legacies series has withstood another year of popularity, especially with my boys.

  • Rot & Ruin (Jonathan Maberry)--HUGE checkouts toward the end of the school year. I have not read this one yet, but my fabulous aide loved it and recommends it constantly. Another huge hit with the boys!

  • Dead Is... series (Marlene Perez)--My girls went wild for this series this year, and many read all six books. I bought three copies of Dead Is A Battlefield (book 6) when it came out in March, and all three were consistently checked out. Brightly-colored front covers and small overall size really helped fuel the fervor for this series. That they are all available in paperback AND available at book fairs enabled me to purchase multiple copies of the entire series. Read review.


    1. The Hunger Games (Collins)--185 circulations--Last year's number two most-circulated got a boost from the movie release, which introduced lots of my less-enthusiastic readers to their first dystopian fiction novel.

    2. Catching Fire (Collins)--133 circulations--Again, the movie really helped keep The Hunger Games trilogy on top. Up from the number eight spot last year.

    3. Unwind (Shusterman)--119 circulations--We have had strong circulation of Unwind for three years now. This is my number one choice for smart-but-reluctant readers. Up from #20 spot last year.

    (tie) 4. Forgive My Fins (Childs)--101 circulations--Probably my "most recommended" for girls looking for a paranormal romance. The sequel, Fins are Forever, landed at the #29 spot (46 circulations). Read review.

    (tie) 4. Paranormalcy (White)--101 circulations--This one is on next year's Lone Star list, so it may appear on this list again next year. Scroll down for the sequel Supernaturally, which takes the #15 spot.

    6. Matched (Condie)--99 circulations--While I was not this book's biggest fan, it was consistently strong all year long. Sequel Crossed was also popular, but as a November release, we did not receive it until January or so, which pretty much eliminated its ability to appear on this list. Read review.

    7. Mockingjay (Collins)--94 circulations--Last year's #4, this one dropped 3 spots, likely because it was not brand-new this year.

    8. Hex Hall (Hawkins)--85 circulations--A 7th grade girl recommended this one to me, and I loved it. Sequels Demonglass and Spellbound have also been popular. Read review.
    9. Sweetly (Pearce)--84 circulations--2011's "Cover Awards" winner for our school, this Hansel and Gretel spinoff was all the rage early in the school year. Companion novel Sisters Red was also popular, especially with the girls. Read review.

    10. Candor (Bachorz)--80 circulations--A hit with both boys and girls, Candor's heart-breaking ending kept us talking about it often. Hands-down, the most-requested non-sequel in the library! Read review.

    11. Tiger's Curse (Houck)--72 circulations--A sixth grade literature teacher from India really helped fuel circulation of all three books released in the Tiger Saga. I can't think of one girl who didn't rave about it (although we enjoyed making fun of Kelsey's indecision). It's one of my fabulous library aide's additions to our Lone Star Plus list next year. Read review.

    12. The Line (Hall)--67 circulations--I attribute all of this book's success this year to my aide. She loved The Line and talked it up frequently with students. Anyone who doubts the influence and impact of a strong library aide needs to think again. My students seek out and trust her recommendations as much as they do mine.

    13. Bad Girls Don't Die (Alender)--66 circulations--One of my favorite horror books to recommend. I always warn my students that this one is really creepy, and they LOVE it!

    14. Beastly (Flinn)--61 circulations--This one was last year's #1 most circulated. It wasn't even a Lone Star Plus book this year, so that says a lot.

    15. Supernaturally (White)--59 circulations--I had several students tell me they liked Supernaturally even better than its predecessor, Paranormalcy. With Endlessly due out this summer, I am glad it will be on the Lone Star Plus list again next year.

    (tie) 16. City of Bones (Clare)--58 circulations--Both the Mortal Instruments and the Infernal Devices series are huge with my students, particularly the eighth graders.

    (tie) 16. Plain Kate (Bow)--58 circulations--Like Hex Hall, Plain Kate was a student-recommended title that made it on the list.

    (tie) 16. Vampire Rising (Henderson)--58 circulations--An author visit from Jason Henderson early in the year helped keep this title strong all year. Read review.

    19. Haunting Violet (Harvey)--57 circulations--A huge hit with the girls, HV has it all: ghosts, romance, mystery, deception, and Victorian dresses. Read review.

    (tie) 20. The Maze Runner (Dashner)--56 circulations--This front-runner from last year's Lone Star Plus list is still strong a year later. Last year's #20.

    (tie) 20. The Summoning (Armstrong)--56 circulations--Though it's not a LS+, I loved The Summoning and talk it up frequently.

    22. Ship Breaker (Bacigalupi)--55 circulations--I am a little surprised that Ship Breaker is this high on the list. While many enjoyed it (including me), lots of students (esp. the 6th graders) told me they "couldn't get into it."

    23. The Ugly Truth (Kinney)--54 circulations--What would the Top 25 list be without a Wimpy Kid on it? I have no doubt this series will be on many future Top 25 Most-Circulated lists for my school.

    24. Blood Red Road (Young)--51 circulations--This is a very strong showing for a book that I didn't talk up until after Christmas Break (when I read it). All I had to say was "May be better than The Hunger Games," and it got checked out like crazy. For students still skeptical, I had only two words: cage fighting. Sold! Read review.

    25. The Call (Grant)--50 circulations--The book trailer gets huge credit for the success of this series. That, and the fact that Michael Grant also writes the Gone series.


  1. Thanks for posting this! It got me motivated to do the same. Interesting how different lists at two schools can be.

  2. Yes, notice the lack of nonfiction on the list! One of my goals next year is to do more to talk up some of the great nonfiction titles we have!

  3. This is a very cool list to look at. I always find it interesting what is trending. :)


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