Tuesday, April 17, 2012

TXLA 2012--Day One!

Whoohoo! We are finally in Houston for the Texas Library Association Annual Conference! I have been up since 3AM and am running on pure adrenaline and Diet Coke at this point. Here's the lowdown on today: 

Left Fort Worth at 6:30 this morning with five of my library cohorts. The van ride here was uneventful except for the two red lights we ran and the incredibly low clearance in the parking garage. YIKES!

We arrived just in time for the 2:00 Geocaching session. I am really going to have to figure this out--it looks so cool! The conference has put together 10 geocaches around the conference center area for us. Anyone who finds at least seven of the ten this week gets entered into a drawing for a Kindle Fire. I downloaded a coordinates app to my iPhone earlier today, but I am still working with it. I WILL figure it out!

At 4:00 I attended the Spirit of Texas--Middle School committee meeting. Actually, not much to report there. We mostly talked about business stuff: our presentation this Friday morning, events we are required to attend, our next meeting. We'll be introduced tomorrow at the YART Reading Lists session at 2:00, which means I have to miss Judy Blume. *wipes tear*

6:30-8:30--Went to the All-Conference Welcome Party. This is the first year I've attended, and I am so glad I did! Vendors were giving out some AWESOME galleys that I can't wait to read. My shoulders are so sore! Among my most-anticipated reads:

Tomorrow's agenda:
  • BREAKFAST! We plan to skip the General Session and eat a hot breakfast buffet at our hotel. Yummy!
  • 10:15--Let's Be Honest
  • 12:00--Texas Tea
  • 2:00--A Look at the YART Reading Lists
  • 4:00--Book Buzz

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