Saturday, April 21, 2012

TXLA 2012--Day Four

The last day is so sad! I missed my boys like mad, but seeing all the vendors packing up is just a little depressing somehow.

We started the day (again) with breakfast at our favorite hotel restaurant, The Cafe. Again, insanely yummy!


Today, the Spirit of Texas committee officially debuts the SPoT Reading List to the world! Considering we were scheduled for the last day of conference and at the same time as Teri Lesesne and Rosemary Chance's booktalk, I think our turnout was pretty decent with about 50-60 attendees. Our chair Jennifer Smith and the high school chair Natasha Benway introduced the committees and showcased the SPoT and middle school and high school websites.

I slipped out of the SPoT presentation a few minutes early to attend "New Books for Teens and Some Tweens, Too!" with Teri Lesesne and Rosemary Chance. I know it's horrible to skip out early on my own committee's presentation, but I really had to see at least some if @ProfessorNana's good stuff, especially since I hope to present booktalks at TLA myself someday.


Having never visited the Exhibition Hall on the last day of conference, I was excited to do that this year. I have heard lots about the deep discounts and freebies available on the last day as vendors wanting to travel lightly practically give away their goods.

I must admit, I was a little disappointed. I guess after hearing all that hoopla for the past four years of TLA conferences, I thought it was a little anticlimactic. Did I get some good stuff free or very cheap? Definitely. Did it live up to all the hype? No way.

On the upside, I did buy an absolutely GORGEOUS wrap skirt from the Indian clothing vendor that was located over by where most of the t-shirts and jewelry vendors were housed. I've never bought a wrap skirt before--this was the kind of skirt that you can wear as a long skirt, a halter dress, or a tube dress. I tried wearing it all three ways when I got home, and I love, love, love this wrap! The seafoam green, chocolate brown, and gold design flatters my complexion, wearing this wrap help me look forward to returning to school Monday (at least a little bit). I also bought matching t-shirts for myself and my amazing library aide. Both read "Don't make me use my librarian voice." Hers is blue, and mine is pink.


On the drive home, we ate at Applebee's. I have not been there in awhile, but I had the fiesta chicken salad and tortilla soup lunch combo. Crazy-delicious! The jalapeno salad dressing and chopped red onions in the salad gave it just the right amount of heat, even if it gave me some serious onion breath!

I also asked the manager if I could take home the table advertisement pictured below for the "Wall of Shame" I am going to create when I return. I am resurrecting the Wall of Shame from my time as an English teacher. When I taught seventh grade, I had a place on the wall with photos of grammar errors in the real world. Students could earn extra credit for bringing me pictures of poor grammar or spelling errors they see as they are out and about. This table flyer tells me it is time to bring back the Wall in my library.

The image is a little blurry, but the manager was nice enough to let me take the table flyer itself to post on my wall (he also got such a kick out of it that he offered to buy us a round of drinks).

I'll have to cut out the alcohol in the picture before I post it at school, but can you spot the grammar faux-pas?

The real irony in the above image is that, in the women's restroom, the apostrophe was used correctly on a similar sign advertising Wednesday as "Girl's Night Out." Unfortunately, while they got the apostrophe correct, whoever created that sign forgot to capitalize Wednesday, which nets the Applebee's just outside Houston two entries on the Wall of Shame.




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