Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Un-Giveaway: How It Works


Despite entering plenty of blogger giveaways and (at times) jumping through a bunch of silly hoops to get extra entries, I've never actually won any blogger giveaways.

Naturally, when I look at my growing pile of ARCs I've either read or will never get around to reading, I start thinking about finally hosting some book giveaways on my blog. But do I want to deal with tracking Twitter entries, new followers, retweets, and the like, or do I just want to get a book in the hands of someone who might review it?

Who has time for all that? Not me!

So...I am going to make this very easy for anyone who is interested. My only goal here is to share books I've already read or will never get to with the blogging community. I am not interested in spamming you or collecting your contact info or anything like that. If you are interested in one of the books listed, I will send it to you with no strings attached. I'll even pay the postage.

  • Check the ARC list regularly. I will post new books as I finish them.
  • No drawings! If you email me first, it's yours!
  • Please give others a chance! Limit one book per person every 60 days.
  • U.S. mailing addresses only, please, unless you want to send me a SASE.
  • That's it! Comments, tweets, follows, links to your review, and the like are appreciated but are not at all required.



  1. I know it says US addresses only - but if I was to pay for the postage, would you consider posting it to Australia? I miss out on a lot of stuff here.

  2. I'll bet! I just did a quick FedEx shipping estimate, and wow. If I did it correctly, the cheapest shipping rate to Australia (I did Sydney South, just for an estimate) is $111. A UPS estimate to Melbourne for a 2-lb package was $101.

    Surely, I must have done something wrong--is it really that expensive? I've never shipped anything internationally before.


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