Monday, March 5, 2012

Surprise...You're Presenting TWICE!

My last presentation, "2012 Must-Haves" went well, especially considering I had only known about it for about 5 hours. Here's the PowerPoint:

If You’re Gonna Read in Texas2

So last Friday, I presented for the third time ever at our regional education service center. I recently discovered I actually enjoy presenting booktalks to adults--who knew? Needless to say, with only two previous speaking engagements under my belt, I am hardly a seasoned speaker. For the first time, however, I was excited to NOT feel nervous to present. I arrived Friday morning feeling good and ready for my presentation. But that didn't last very long...

When I first arrived, I looked over the schedule of sessions. Mine looked fine--presenting about the Spirit of Texas committee at 10:00. Looking over the rest of the schedule, I was excited to see "2012 Must-Haves" at 2:15 and thought that one should be a booktalk (I LOVE booktalks!). I flipped over to the description and SURPRISE!--apparently I was presenting that one, too! Yikes!

So how did that happen? Well, back in January when I applied to be a presenter, I originally planned to do a 2012 booktalk. But since so many librarians are unfamiliar with the new Spirit of Texas committee (of which I am a member), I thought I should present on that instead. I would just book talk the SpoT books instead of 2012s. So I emailed the service center and they said they would change it.

Except they didn't change it. They added the second presentation.

Now, I am not complaining about my service center AT ALL. I LOVE my service center and know they work very, very hard to offer great programs for educators in our area. On the contrary, I am really glad they accidentally scheduled me twice. It hadn't occurred to me to do both presentations, and I was up for the challenge, even though I was grossly underprepared for the second one.

So, in the first hour of our day, I threw together my 2012 presentation and unfortunately missed the first keynote speaker, who I heard was excellent.

By 10:00, it was time for my first presentation. And it would have been great had the technology worked! As the center staff worked behind me to get the projector working, I presented almost my entire presentation from memory. Also, while presenting, I noticed my nametag sticker had come off. Was it stuck to me somewhere? In my hair? On my rear-end? No clue. I (and likely, my audience) suffered through my first presentation as best I could, hoping that my second one would go much better. It had to, right?

At lunch, I ripped the back of my dress on my ring. My favorite dress, ruined. Sigh.

After lunch, I met some very sweet authors--P.J. Hoover, Krissi Dallas, Mary Lindsey, Cory Putman Oakes, and Madeline Smoot. They were all very friendly and gave me free autographed copies of The Missing (Smoot), The Emerald Tablet (Hoover), Windchaser and Windfall (Dallas), and The Veil (Oakes) for my library!

Finally, at 2:15, I presented "2012 Must-Haves," which went immensely better than my morning session.

So all in all, it was a great day and an incredible learning experience for me. I presented TWICE, one of which went really terrible and the other was seriously put together at the very last-minute. But life goes on; I made it through and had fun with it and feel like I can tackle most anything now. And I doubled the number of presentations on my resume!


  1. Horray for happy accidents! That happens to me all the time with lessons. The best ones are the ones I plan at the last minute. Isn't it funny how it works that way? :/ Glad you survived and that it turned out to be a great experience.


  2. Thanks, Jo! In the end, this was a great experience that showed me that I CAN do this.


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