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What's Your Genre Personality? Quiz: A fun way to recommend genres to students!

Are your students Questioners? Escapists? Besties? There are eight genre personalities--which one are you? photo PIN_Whats Your Genre.png

UPDATE: I am resending this quiz today because I have added an elementary version! Last week, I had two requests for an elementary version of the quiz, so now this product now includes TWO versions--elementary and middle/high school. The elementary version has more images, simpler language, and I have changed "The Romantic" genre personality to "The Bestie," which focuses on friendship rather than romance. I also removed two questions from the elementary quiz to make it a little shorter.

You can use either presentation with almost no preparation--it's all ready to go!

If you already purchased the quiz on TPT, go here and re-download the file. Voila! Two versions!

Both of these slides are from the new elementary version:

Download both elementary and MS/HS genre personality quizzes at Teachers Pay Teachers.


Remember those Teen magazine personality quizzes we took in middle school? Or more recently, the Buzzfeed quizzes about "What ice cream flavor are you?" or "What's the best state for you to live in?" Well, I'm took a page from that playbook and developed the "What's Your Genre Personality?" quiz for school libraries and classrooms!

I give a genre personality quiz every year to my incoming sixth grade students. It's a fun way to introduce genre and give the students an idea of what kinds of books they might be interested in reading. Since our library is genre-fied, students are easily able to find and select books based on genre.

The quiz is clearly more fun than scientific, but I do think that it helps give students direction. If nothing else, it gets them thinking about choosing books based on their interests. The genres featured correspond with my library's genre sections. Once downloaded, you can edit the quiz and change the genres to suit your library as needed.

Please note: If you have bought the What's Your Genre quiz from me previously, you can download this updated version free of charge on the product page on TPT.

Recommended for: Grade 5-9
Number of slides: 27
Technology requirements: computer, projector, screen
Student supplies: pencil + paper
Number of questions: 12
Number of genre personalities: 8
Time: 40 minutes

Each genre personality is described on its own slide at the end. Multiple genre recommendations are given for each genre personality (this slide is from the MS/HS version):

  • The Questioner
  • The Escapist
  • The Innovator
  • The Realist
  • The History Buff
  • The Thrill-Seeker
  • The Class Clown
  • The Romantic
Download both genre personality PowerPoint quizzes + two printable quizzes + 32 editable bookmarks at Teachers Pay Teachers.

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