Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fat-Bottomed Girls: Books about overweight teen girls

Also check out the companion list--He Ain't Heavy: MG/YA books about overweight boys.

Alt Ed (Catherine Atkins)
Susan, an overweight tenth grader, develops a better sense of herself through participation in a special after-school counseling class with other troubled students, and the friendship of a sensitive gay classmate.
Skinny (Cooner)
"Worthless." "Ugly." "Fat." These are just some of the words "Skinny" whispers into Ever's ear every day. For years, Ever has endured Skinny's taunts, but after Ever's weight causes a mortifying incident in front of her entire school, Ever takes the leap to get gastric bypass surgery. Read review.
Starstruck (Cyn Balog)
Sixteen-year-old Dough is surprised when her long-distance boyfriend returns after four years and still finds her beautiful, despite her seventy-pound weight gain, until Dough learns that he is a member of the Luminati--an ancient cult of astrologers who can manipulate the stars to improve their lives.
This Book Isn't Fat, It's Fabulous (Nina Beck)
Sixteen-year-old Riley Swain, pushed into spending spring break at an upstate New York camp for overweight teens by her father's fiancee, is happy with her weight but finds she has a lot to learn about friendship and love.
Life in the Fat Lane (Cherie Bennett)
Sixteen-year-old Lara, winner of beauty pageants and Homecoming Queen, is distressed and bewildered when she starts gaining weight and becomes overweight.
Fat Cat (Robin Brande)
Overweight teenage Catherine embarks on a high school science project in which she must emulate the ways of hominims, the earliest ancestors of human beings, by eating an all-natural diet and foregoing technology. Read review.
Plus (Veronica Chambers)
After being dumped by her boyfriend and gaining twenty-five pounds during her freshman year at Columbia University, Bee Wilson becomes a world-famous supermodel when a prestigious modeling agency hires her for its plus-size division.
If A Tree Falls At Lunch Period (Gennifer Choldinko)
Kirsten and Walk, seventh-graders at an elite private school, describe how race, wealth, weight, and other issues shape their relationships as they and other misfits stand up to a mean but influential classmate.
You Know Where to Find Me (Rachel Cohn)
In the wake of her cousin's suicide, overweight and introverted seventeen-year-old Miles experiences significant changes in her relationships with her mother and father, her best friend Jamal and his family, and her cousin's father, while gaining insights about herself, both positive and negative.
Keeping the Moon (Sarah Dessen)
Fifteen-year-old Colie, a former fat girl, spends the summer working as a waitress in a beachside restaurant, staying with her overweight and eccentric Aunt Mira, and trying to explore her sense of self.
Models Don't Eat Chocolate Cookies (Erin Dionne)
Overweight thirteen-year-old Celeste begins a campaign to lose weight in order to make sure she does not win the Miss Huskey Peach modeling challenge, in which her mother and aunt have entered her--against her wishes.
Secrets of Truth & Beauty (Megan Frazer)
Dara Cohen, crowned Little Miss Maine as a young child, wrestles with problems at home and at school as a teenager and decides to go looking for answers from her older sister, a girl she has never met who lives on a collective goat farm in Massachusetts.
The Summer I Lost It (Natalie Kath)
Fourteen-year-old Kat is determined to spend the summer before starting high school losing weight, but can she do it?
Dinky Hocker Shoots Smack (M.E. Kerr)
Many things change in a teenage boy's life when he meets the overweight girl who answers his advertisement for the cat he must give away.
The Fat Lady Sings (Charles Lovett)
Aggie Stockdale is convinced she did not get the lead in her school musical because of her weight, so she writes a musical of her own, and as she and her friends produce the show, she sets out on an unexpected journey of tears, friendship, jealousy, revenge, loss, love, and acceptance.
Things You Either Hate or Love (Brigid Lowry)
A cynical, overweight, and lonely Australian teenager spends her summer vacation making lists, eating comfort foods, and trying to earn enough money to attend a big rock concert.
Huge: A Novel (Sasha Paley)
Thrown together as roommates at a "fat camp," Wilhelmina and April have nothing in common until they are both humiliated by the same person.
Vintage Veronica (Erica S. Perl)
After getting a job at a vintage clothing shop and quickly bonding with two older girls, fifteen-year-old Veronica finds herself making bad decisions in order to keep their friendship.
By the Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead (Julie Anne Peters)
High school student Daelyn Rice, who has been bullied throughout her school career and has more than once attempted suicide, again makes plans to kill herself, in spite of the persistent attempts of an unusual boy to draw her out.
The Melting of Maggie Bean (Tricia Rayburn)
Hoping to make new friends and gain the attention of her crush, Peter Applewood, overweight, straight-A student Maggie Bean, decides to try out for the synchronized swim team.
Accidental Love (Gary Soto)
After unexpectedly falling in love with a "nerdy" boy, fourteen-year-old Marisa works to change her life by transferring to another school, altering some of her behavior, and losing weight.
Somebody (Nancy Springer)
At the age of fifteen, a girl who has spent most of her life moving around the country with her father and brother, filling the emptiness inside her with chocolate, remembers her real name, Sherica, and searches the Internet to learn the truth about her mother and her own past.
Artichoke's Heart (Suzanne Supplee)
When she is almost sixteen years old, Rosemary decides she is sick of being overweight, mocked at school and at Heavenly Hair--her mother's beauty salon--and feeling out of control, and as she slowly loses weight, she realizes that she is able to cope with her mother's cancer, having a boyfriend for the first time, and discovering that other people's lives are not as perfect as they seem from the outside.
Remembering Raquel (Vivian Vande Velde)
After Raquel is killed in a car accident, her fellow classmates, friends, and family members, as well as the woman responsible for her death, reflect on Raquel's life and how her passing has changed their own lives.
Big Fat Manifesto (Susan Vaught)
High school senior Jamie Carcaterra tries to win a scholarship by sharing her experiences as a fat girl in today's appearance-obsessed high school culture, but as she opens her life up to the criticism of her classmates and the media, she begins to wonder if she is being truly honest with herself.


  1. Love this collection! Will be adding lots of these to my wish list (and hopefully finally reading some of the ones I already own). Thanks for compiling them :)

  2. Thanks, Melanie! I am working on a boy-version of this list right now. Stay tuned!


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