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Spook-tacular YA/MG Horror

Toward the end of last school year, my aide and I finally finished reorganizing our 4000+ fiction books by genre instead of alpha-by-author. Most students just don't look for books by the author, but many of them come in asking for a good mystery or a romance. The genre-fication project took us approximately 4 months of working every day. Read more about our library's genre-fication project.

The new school year just started two weeks ago, and this has really been our first opportunity to see how students respond to the genre-fication since it was completed in May. Very eye-opening! The Horror section has been ravaged over the past couple of weeks, almost to the point that there is nothing left. I had maybe 300 books in the Horror section initially and maybe 100 left now. Most of those left are from R.L. Stine's Goosebumps series, which are still popular but nowhere near as popular as they were 10 years ago.

So now, I am on a mission to find more creepy, scary, grotesque, zombie, spooky books for my 11-14 year old horror fans. With Halloween coming up, I know I'll be needing them.This list is certainly not everything out there, but it will get librarians, parents, and horror-loving teens started on what to read/buy next.

13 to Life (Shannon Delaney)
Jessica's life turns upside down when she meets first-generation Russian-American Pietr Rusakova, and the secrets he holds opens up Jessica's curiosity.

Anna Dressed in Blood (Kendare Blake)
Cas Lowood, armed with his late father's mysterious athame, set out to kill a ghost known as Anna Dressed in Blood, but what he believes will be a routine task turns deadly when he discovers Anna is unlike any ghost he has ever encountered before.

Dark Secrets series (Elizabeth Chandler)
Megan has to stay with the uptight grandmother she wants nothing to do with. She's determined to get through the visit without any drama, but when she falls into a twisted love triangle with potentially fatal consequences, Megan may be caught up in her family's legacy in more ways than she realizes.

Bad Taste in Boys (Carrie Harris)
Future physician Kate Grable is horrified when her high school's football coach gives team members steroids, but the drugs turn players into zombies and Kate must find an antidote before the flesh-eating monsters get to her or her friends.

Birth of a Killer (Darren Shan)
Prequel to: Cirque du Freak series. When his cousin is murdered at the factory where they both work as child laborers, young Larten Crepsley commits a horrific act and must live on the run until he meets a vampire named Seba Nile who offers Larten protection and training as a vampire's assistant.

The Light (DJ McHale)
Morpheus Road Trilogy, book 1. Sixteen-year-old Marshall Seaver is expecting a boring summer when his best friend goes away, but instead he finds himself haunted--and hunted--by ghosts that want something from him which he cannot decipher.

Bloody Horowitz (Anthony Horowitz)
Includes "Why Horror Has No Place in Children's Books," "Bet Your Life," "The Man Who Killed Darren Shan" and 11 other short horror stories by Anthony Horowitz.

The Raven (Patrick Carman)
Skeleton Creek, book 4. Ryan writes about the strange things he notices in Skeleton Creek while Sarah videotapes them, and when they think they have found their answers, they discover that there is still more to uncover and someone is trying to keep them from finding out the rest.

Cryer's Cross (Lisa McMann)
The community of Cryer’s Cross, Montana (population 212) is distraught when high school freshman Tiffany disappears without a trace. Already off-balance due to her OCD, 16-year-old Kendall is freaked out seeing Tiffany’s empty desk in the one-room school house, but somehow life goes on... until Kendall's boyfriend Nico also disappears, and also without a trace

The Enemy (Charles Higson)
They'll chase you. They'll rip you open. They'll feed on you...When the sickness came, every parent, policeman, politician - every adult - fell ill. The lucky ones died. The others are crazed, confused and hungry. Only children under fourteen remain, and they're fighting to survive.
Rot & Ruin (Jonathan Maberry)
In the zombie-infested, post-apocalyptic America where Benny Imura lives, every teenager must find a job by the time they turn fifteen or get their rations cut in half. Benny doesn't want to apprentice as a zombie hunter with his boring older brother Tom, but he has no choice.

Bad Girls Don't Die (Kate Alender)
When Alexis's little sister Kasey becomes obsessed with an antique doll, Alexis thinks nothing of it. Kasey is a weird kid. Period. Alexis is considered weird, too, by the kids in her high school, by her parents, even by her own Goth friends. Things get weirder, though, when the old house they live in starts changing.This one is HUGE in my library.

The Nightmarys (Dan Poblocki)
Seventh-grader Timothy July and his new friend Abigail try to break a curse that is causing them and others to be tormented by their greatest fears brought to life.

Possess (Gretchen McNeil)
Enlisted to help in dangerous cases of demonic possession, a teenaged exorcist discovers a race of part-demons intent on raising their forefathers to the earth in human form.

Nevermore (Kelly Creagh)
When cheerleader Isobel Lanley is assigned to work with goth, Edgar Allen Poe fan Varen Nethers on an English project, she is swept into a horrific dream world that he has created in his mind.

The Protectors (Val Karlsson)
Night Fall, book 3. After the accident that killed Luke's mother, he begins to get messages from the bodies in the funeral home where he lives with his stepfather, who is acting even stranger than usual, and in trying to solve his mother's death, he uncovers a horrifying secret.

The Last Apprentice series (Joseph Delaney)
Now with eight books in the series, this one is quite popular at my school. Young Tom, the seventh son of a seventh son, as he starts work as an apprentice for the village spook, whose job is to protect ordinary folk from "ghouls, boggarts, and all manner of wicked beasties."

Red Moon Rising (Peter Moore)
In a world where vampires dominate and werewolves are despised, a teenaged half-vampire discovers his recessive werewolf genes are developing with the approaching full moon.

Red Riding Hood: A Novel (Sarah Blakley-Cartwright)
Movie novelization. Valerie's life begins to spiral out of control after her sister is killed by the Wolf, a mysterious creature that haunts the town and threatens the lives of everyone, and when an expert Wolf hunter arrives, Valerie learns she must sacrifice herself or risk losing everyone she loves.

Thaw (Rick Jasper)
Night Fall, book 4. After a storm causes a power outage at the Institute for Cryogenic Experimentation, the thawed-out bodies of twenty-seven federal inmates are missing, and when her best friend disappears, Dani Kraft learns he's been taken in by a defrosted cult leader, and she must enter a dangerous alternate reality to get him back.

Three-Quarters Dead (Richard Peck)
Kerry, a member of one of the coolest cliques at school, believes her popular days are over when three of the group are killed in an automobile accident, so she can hardly believe it is possible when she receives a text saying the girls are alive and want her to meet them in the city.

Werewolf High (Marc Tyler Nobleman)
Shade Books. Simon wakes up on his fourteenth-and-a-half birthday to find that he has a tail, and over several weeks, he transforms into a full wolfanoid with special powers while another similar creature stalks the halls of his high school.At only 80 pages, this might be a good choice for reluctant readers.

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