Sunday, July 24, 2011

Drug Abuse

Clean (Amy Reed)
Five drug addicts, reluctantly facing rehabilitation, are forced to confront truths about their pasts as well as their darkest secrets with a group of strangers and learn how to live without getting high.
Recovery Road (Blake Nelson)
Seventeen-year-old Maddie meets Stewart in a rehabilitation facility for drug and alcohol abuse, and they begin a relationship, which they try to maintain after they both finish treatment.
Fallout (Ellen Hopkins)
Crank Trilogy, book 3. Written in free verse, explores how three teenagers try to cope with the consequences of their mother's addiction to crystal meth and its effects on their lives.
Beautiful (Amy Lynn Reed)
Haunted by serious problems in her recent past, thirteen-year-old Cassie makes a fresh start at a Seattle school but is drawn by dangerous new friends into a world of sex, drugs, and violence, while her parents remain oblivious.
Dope Sick (Walter Dean Myers)
Seeing no way out of his difficult life in Harlem, seventeen-year-old Jeremy "Lil J" Dance flees into a house after a drug deal goes awry and meets a strange man who reveals different turning points in Lil J's life when he could have made better choices.
Freaks and Revelations (Davida Hurwin)
A story told in the alternating voices of a seventeen-year-old racist and a thirteen-year-old boy cast out of his home for being gay, whose violent encounter with each other has a lasting impact on their futures.
Punkzilla (Adam Rapp)
A runaway teenager, having overcome his addiction to meth, travels across the country from Portland to Memphis in order to reconnect with his dying brother and meets a colorful cast of characters along the way.
Black Rabbit Summer (Kevin Brooks)
Sixteen-year-old Pete becomes a suspect when two of his childhood classmates disappear from a carnival the same night, but his own investigation implicates other old friends he was with that evening--and a tough, knife-wielding enemy determined to keep him quiet.
The Death of Jayson Porter (Jaime Adoff)
In the Florida projects, sixteen-year-old Jayson struggles with the harsh realities of his life which include an abusive mother, a drug-addicted father, and not fitting in at his predominately white school, and bring him to the brink of suicide.
Joseph (Shelia P. Moses)
Fourteen-year-old Joseph tries to avoid trouble and keep in touch with his father, who is serving in Iraq, as he and his alcoholic, drug-addicted mother move from one homeless shelter to another.
Rehab (Randi Reisfeld)
Television star Kenzie Cross feels like her life is perfect when she lands the lead in a new film, but when her partying causes problems on set, her director demands she go to rehab, where Kenzie learns some surprising things about herself.
Suckerpunch (David Hernandez)
Shy, seventeen-year-old Marcus and his sixteen-year-old brother, Enrique, accompanied by two friends, drive from their home in southern California to Monterey to confront the abusive father who walked out a year earlier, and who now wants to return home.
Before, After, and Somebody In Between (Jeannine Garsee)
After dealing with an alcoholic mother and her abusive boyfriend, a school bully, and life on the wrong side of the tracks in Cleveland, Ohio, high school sophomore Martha Kowalski expects to be happy when she moves in with a rich family across town, but finds that the "rich life" has problems of its own.
Chasing Tail Lights (Patrick Jones)
Seventeen-year-old Christy, sad since her father's death, ignored by her mother, and abused by her drug-dealing half-brother, finds friends who help her learn to stand up for herself and move past the old hurts and fears that are keeping her down.
Blood Brothers (S.A.Harazin)
With his best friend on life-support after taking drugs at a party, seventeen-year-old Clay, a medical technician, recalls their long friendship, future plans, and recent disagreement, and tries to figure out who is responsible for the accidental overdose.
Go Ask Alice (Anonymous)
Based on the diary of a fifteen-year-old drug user chronicling her struggle to escape the pull of the drug world. This haunting story has been around for 40 years and is still plenty relevant for today's teens.
Glass (Ellen Hopkins)
Crank Trilogy, book 2. Kristina is determined to break her addiction to drugs in order to keep her newborn child; but when she fails and the pull becomes too strong, her greatest fears are quickly realized.
Saint Iggy (K.L. Going)
Iggy Corso, who lives in city public housing, is caught physically and spiritually between good and bad when he is kicked out of high school, goes searching for his missing mother, and causes his friend to get involved with the same dangerous drug dealer who deals to his parents.
Radiers Night (Robert Lipsyte)
Matt Rydeck, co-captain of his high school football team, witnesses the rape of a rookie player by teammates and struggles with his own use of performance-enhancing drugs.
Gym Candy (Carl Deuker)
Mick Johnson works hard for a placement on the varsity team during his freshman year, and decides to use steroids in order to hold onto his edge, despite the consequences to his health and social life.


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