Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen!

Sixteen (various authors)
Contains sixteen short stories that deal with teenage concerns, written by well-known authors of young adult novels including M. E. Kerr, Robert Cormier, Bette Greene, and Richard Peck.
Sixteen: Stories About That Sweet and Bitter Birthday (various authors)
Contains a collection of short stories by a number of different authors about being sixteen and addresses issues from getting a driver's license to dealing with teen pregnancy.
10 Things To Do Before You're 16 (Caroline Plaisted)
Beth and Anna, realizing they are behind schedule on transforming themselves from mediocre fifteen-year-olds to sixteen-year-old goddesses, make a list of the top ten things they need to do to become popular and beautiful, but their efforts have mixed results.
Sweet 16 (Kate Brian)
On the night of her sweet sixteen birthday party, self-centered snob Teagan Phillips receives a visit from a special person who tries to convince the teenager to change the way she lives her life.
The Year I Turned Sixteen (Diane Schwemm)
Four sisters--Rose, Daisy, Laurel, and Lily--deal with their relationships with each other as well as boyfriends while trying to figure out their futures, cope with loss, and make difficult decisions.
Girl Nearly 16, Absolute Torture (Sue Limb)
Sequel to Girl 15, Charming But Insane. Jess knows her summer plans are ruined but little could she imagine the huge surprise that awaits her when she visits her dad's home for the first time in years.

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