Saturday, April 30, 2011

That's My Q!

Some of my students are working on an "A to Z Reading Challenge" I gave them in January. For letters Q and Z, the Q or Z word simply needs to be somewhere in the title. Here's a short list titles featuring that robust letter hanging out in the left corner of the keyboard.

I,Q: Independence Hall (Roland Smith) 
Quest and his stepsister Angela are thrust into the dangerous world of the American Secret Service and the Israeli Mossad when they learn Angela's real mother was a former Secret Service agent who was killed by a terrorist group.
I,Q: The White House (Roland Smith)
Q and Angela attempt to learn the truth about the supposed death of Angela's real mother, who used to be a Secret Service agent, while trying to figure out who they can trust.

All Q No A: More Tales of a Tenth-Grade Social Climber (Lauren Mechling)
Sequel to: The Rise and Fall of a Tenth-Grade Social Climber. Fifteen-year-old Mimi hopes for a happier second term at the progressive Baldwin School but soon finds herself drawn into complications involving the school's finances, her father's new girlfriend, and her own romantic entanglements.
Agent Q Or, The Smell of Danger (M.T. Anderson)
Lily, Katie, and Jasper are headed home from their Delaware adventure when Awful Autarch's spies and goons show up to make life difficult.
Beauty Queens (Libba Bray)
The savage brutality lurking in the hearts of beauty queens emerges when a plane full of teen pageant contestants crashes on a desert island.
Quest (Kathleen Benner Duble)
Relates events of explorer Henry Hudson's final voyage in 1602 from four points of view. 
Quiver (Stephanie Spinner)
When 16-year old Atalanta's father issues her an ultimatum that she must marry and produce an heir, she counters with the condition the one she marries must beat her in a footrace.
The Time Quake (Linda Buckley-Archer)
Gideon Trilogy, book 3. While sinister Lord Luxon makes himself at home in twenty-first century Manhattan, Peter and Kate, aided by Gideon, pursue The Tar Man through the streets of eighteenth-century London, when history is at its tipping point.
Estrella's Quinceanera (Malin Alegria)
Estrella's mother and aunt are planning a gaudy, traditional quinceanera for her, even though it is the last thing she wants.
Katie, Be Quiet (Darcy Tamayose)
Kate, still trying to cope with the death of her composer father, begins noticing words appearing and disappearing on her dad's music and realizes she must figure out why it is happening in order to save her life.
Emergency Quarterback (Rich Wallace)
When the Hornets lose their quarterback for the season and the replacement lacks the talent to take charge, the coach picks a solid receiver as emergency quarterback.
Quid Pro Quo (Vicki Grant)
Thirteen-year-old Cyril MacIntyre is forced to attend law classes with his mother; and when she is kidnapped, he uses what he learned to find her.

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