Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Short Story Anthologies

Celebrate "Tell A Story" Day, April 27 with several fabulous YA and MG short story anthologies.

First Kiss (2008)--Twenty-two YA authors relate the true stories of their first kiss. Varied formats include short story, haiku, comic strip, advice column.

The Cow of No Color: Riddle Stories and Justice Tales from Around the World (Nina Jaffe, 1998)--Presents 23 stories (many folktales) from countries including Vietnam and Ghana with themes of truth and justice. Great for teachers, counselors, and youth group leaders to use in lessons about truth and honesty.

Edgar Allan Poe's Tales of Death and Dementia (E.A. Poe, 2009)--Four condensed Poe stories, creepily illustrated. Also check out Edgar Allan Poe's Tales of Mystery and Madness.

Being Dead (Vivian Vande Velde, 2001)--Ghost stories include "Dancing With Marjorie's Ghost" and "October Chill."

Zombies vs. Unicorns (Holly Black and Justine Larbalestier, 2010)--So thankful that Black and Larbalestier put small icons of zombies and unicorns in the corners to distinguish zombie stories from unicorn stories. I am so Team Zombie!

13: Thirteen Stories That Capture the Agony and Ecstasy of Being Thirteen (2003)--Selections by James Howe, Meg Cabot, and Bruce Coville explore what it is like to be thirteen.

Baseball Crazy: Ten Stories That Cover All the Bases (2009)--The Table of Contents assigns 10 notable choldren's and young adult authors a "position" on the baseball diamond. Each short story begins with a author "baseball card" that includes the author's "stats" (number of books published, favorite baseball team, etc.).

Teeth: Vampire Tales (2011)--Nineteen stories of vampires, both Draculas and Edward Cullens.

The Complete Horowitz Horror (Anthony Horowitz, 2008)--Collection of 18 stories centered on everyday objects that possess sinister powers.

The Door in the Hedge (Robin McKinley, 2003)--Four princess tales, including two fairy tale retellings and two original stories.

21 Proms (2007)--Collection of 21 prom-themed stories from some of today's leading YA authors. Some stories contain some mature content including sexuality and drinking. Each story includes its author's personal prom story as well.

Pretty Monsters (Kelly Link, 2010)--Highly original fantasy short stories darkly illustrated by Shaun Tan.

Truth or Dare: 21 Tales of Heartbreak and Happiness (2011)--Stories of challenges faced by high school students. Covering a variety of social statuses, financial situations, ethnicities, sexual preferences; this one has a little something for every high school students.

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