Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Review: Darkfever (Moning)

AUTHOR:Karen Marie Moning
SERIES: Fever, book 1
ISBN: 9780385339155
PUBLISHER: Delacorte Press
SOURCE: public library
GENRE: Paranormal romance
GIVE IT TO: Adults who love paranormal romance. With characters well past high school, give this book to women who love their paranormal romances nicely seasoned with fast-paced action sequences, amazingly succinct descriptions, and deadly, magical creatures.

SUMMARY: Mac's life has always been pretty easy: she's beautiful, lives in her parents' large home, and spends her days lounging by their pool reading and listening to her iPod. When her beloved sister is horrifically murdered in Ireland, Mac believes the police are not doing enough to track down her killer. When Mac travels to Ireland herself to conduct her own investigation, she quickly discovers that she has the ability to see monstrous fae all around her. Now, with the help of the mysterious Jericho, Mac hunts for the Sinsar Dubh, a book that her sister also searched for and, if in the wrong hands, could destroy both the human and fae worlds.

WHAT I LIKED: A quick beginning! I had read 150 pages before I even realized it! Moning's descriptions (especially those of the unseelie faeries--WOW) are so vivid that I can practically smell the characters in my mind. The color imagery could almost be a character on its own. Fast-paced and fun!

WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: It seems like I saw Darkfever listed somewhere as a YA book; however, it's certainly possible that I just wanted to review it so badly that I imagined it as YA. As a predominately YA reviewer, I don't see me recommending this one to anyone but adults. I'm pretty open about what I buy for the library, but the sex scenes literally bare all. NOT FOR KIDS OR TEENS.

FRONT COVER ART: The sensual cover of the hardcover edition may mislead readers. The shirtless, shadowy male and female on the cover make the book look like erotica or at least a very steamy romance. While it definitely has serious sexual tension, the book is a paranormal mystery first, a romance second.

"It was gray and leprous from head to toe, covered with oozing, open sores. Its face was twice as tall as a human head and squished thin, no wider than my palm. Its eyes were black with no irises or whites. When it spoke, I could see that its mouth--which consumed the entire lower half of its hideous face--wasn't pink inside, it had a tongue and gums that were the same gray color as the rest of its rotting flesh and covered with the same wet sores. It had no lips and double rows of teeth like a shark. It was, in a word, putrid." (LP edition, p. 125)

  • LANGUAGE: medium for adult readers; varied and sprinkled throughout
  • SEXUALITY: very high; adults only
  • VIOLENCE: high; multiple references to the sister's torn-apart body; humans are creatively consumed by faeries
  • DRUGS? ALCOHOL: medium; some wine/champagne drinking; no drugs

STATUS IN MY LIBRARY: No way we're getting this. Have I mentioned it's Adults Only?

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