Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Review: We Need To Talk About Kevin (Shriver)

I so did not expect to like this book; I actually thought I'd end up abandoning it because I was not really in the mood to read about a school shooting the day I started reading it. WOW.

To say that I enjoyed reading it probably sounds macabre, but I really sucked this story down. It would be great for book clubs--I just want to talk about it to someone else who has read it. It was really intense, and surprisingly, a page-turner. It took me forever to finish though; I read several hours for four days, but is was slow-going because of the unnecessarily flowery language. I felt like I needed to keep a dictionary next to me while reading! The language was really over-the-top, and I found that unrealistic for this story. I just don't buy that a woman writing to her estranged husband in modern times would be so formal in writing about her mass-murderer son. I hated the cold, snooty narrator for about half of the book, then I really started to see her side.

Other than the incongruous language and the admittedly disturbing subject matter, I really did enjoy reading it and recommend it to anyone who can handle a heart-wrenching story about the family of a teen murderer. WOW.