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There Goes My Life: 15 YA books about teen pregnancy

Wow, do I need to update some of my thematic lists! Many were created in 2012 and 2013, so I am planning to either update a list or add a new one each week. Today's updated list of teen pregnancy recommendations was originally written almost four years ago. The updated version includes 15 fiction and nonfiction titles. I also removed a couple of titles that seemed outdated, just aren't popular, or have low Goodreads ratings. Enjoy!

All he could think about was I'm too young for this
Got my whole life ahead
Hell, I'm just a kid myself
How'm I gonna raise one?

--From "There Goes My Life" by Kenny Chesney

*Originally published on May 2, 2012. This post was updated April 24, 2016 to add more current titles and two nonfiction titles.

Arrows (Melissa Gorzelanczyk, 2016)
Cupid's son Aaryn tries to make things right when an arrow mix-up causes Karma, newly-pregnant dance prodigy, to fall for Danny, the father of the baby who wants nothing to do with Karma.
Ask Me How I Got Here (Christine Heppermann, 2016)
Addie runs cross country and has a sweet, sensitive boyfriend. But after a one-night indiscretion, Addie finds herself pregnant. She decides to abort the baby, but the aftermath of her abortion leaves Addie depressed and uninterested in the things she used to love. Told in verse.
Boys Don't Cry (Malorie Blackman, 2010)
Dante is a normal teen boy until his ex-girlfriend Melanie shows up at his door with a baby. His baby girl, Emma. Dante agrees to look after Emma while Melanie runs some errands, but Melanie does not return.
Trouble (Non Pratt, 2014)
Alternates perspectives between Hannah, a pregnant teen girl, and Aaron, a boy pretending to be the baby's father.
What You Left Behind (Jessica Verdi, 2015)
Meg and her boyfriend Ryden get pregnant. Meg stops her chemotherapy so she can have the baby. Meg dies of cancer. Ryden, once a popular soccer goalie, is now a high school senior juggling school, his baby, and immeasurable guilt over Meg's death.
How to Love (Katie Cotugno, 2013)
Before: At age 16, Reena got pregnant and her boyfriend Sawyer, disappeared from her life. Now: It's been three years since Sawyer left, and Katie has a new love in her life--her daughter, Hannah. But when Sawyer reappears in Reena's life, Reena must decide if she can trust him with their daughter and her heart.
Brianna's Gift (Lurlene McDaniel, 2006)
Because w can't have a teen pregnancy list without a Lurlene McDaniel book! Thirteen-year old Casey's sister Brianna doesn't always make the best choices. At age 16, Brianna ran off with an older boy, but now she's back home, pregnant and scared.
The Dear One (Jacqueline Woodson, 2004)
Feni is furious when her mother decides to take in a 15-year old pregnant girl. What kind of girl would let herself get pregnant? How is Feni supposed to live with someone like that? And Feni is right: when she moves in, Rebecca is bossy, mean, and uneducated. But Feni is also curious about the girl, who seems so different from herself.
The Pregnancy Project (Gaby Rodriguez, 2012)
Autobiographical true story of a high school senior who faked her pregnancy for a school project. Great for examining stereotypes.
After (Amy Efaw, 2009)
Story of teen mom whose baby is found in a dumpster.
November Blues (Sharon Draper, 2007)
Josh is killed by a stupid pledge stunt gone terribly wrong. He leaves behind his pregnant girlfriend, November Nelson, who is confused and afraid to tell her parents of her pregnancy. Jericho Prescott can't imagine how he will move on after the death of his beloved cousin, Josh. Will he be able to find peace by helping Josh's girlfriend November?
Pregnant With Purpose: Success Strategies for Teen Parents (Stacey Flowers, 2012)
Practical advice for pregnant teens from a former teen mom. Includes acknowledging the right mindset for teen parenting, accepting responsibility, creating a support network, focusing on academics, and setting actionable goals.
Mothership (Martin Leicht and Isla Neal, 2012)
A sci-fi spin on teen pregnancy. It's the year 2074, and Elvie Nara knows she should never have involved herself with sweet-but-dumb Cole. Now, she's pregnant and shipped off to a school for pregnant teens. But when a group of commandos take over Elvie's new school--and Cole is one of the commandos--Elvie knows she needs to find her way off the school's ship, and fast.
Someone Like You (Sarah Dessen, 1998)
After her boyfriend is killed in a motorcycle wreck, Scarlet finds out she is carrying his baby.
The First Part Last (Jacqueline Woodson, 2003)
A short tear-jerker! Bobby is a single father of a newborn baby girl. Alternates between flashbacks and present day.

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