Friday, March 11, 2011

Romance in Reckless

In an earlier post, I complained that this dark fairy tale had no romance. Now, more than halfway through the book, there is finally SOME romance, but I am not sure I like it. Without giving away too many details, I am hoping that this romance fizzles out. It just doesn't seem right. No spoilers here, so I won't say anything else about it.

My interest in Reckless has waned a bit. It is still well-written, very descriptive, and a pretty good little story. My main complaint (other than the weird romance) is that I don't truly understand the Dark Fairy's motive in creating then capturing the Jade Goyl. I'm still not even altogether sure what exactly a Goyl is--I am picturing something like Sauroman's army in the Lord of the Rings movies. All I really know is that some Goyl are created when a stone is implanted into the skin of a human. Possibly all Goyl are created this way, but that would mean children are converted into Goyl also. I know the stone causes human skin to turn to stone within just a few days. It seems that there is a lot of history between the Goyl and the fairies that is unexplained. I sure hope Funke explains that further at some point.

I would also really like to know more about Jacob. He seems very angry and depressed about something in his past, but it is not yet disclosed. I'd kind of like to know that soon; it seems to be taking too long to understand why Jacob keeps risking his life and pushing people away like he does. I'd really like to understand the protagonist by now; at this point, Jacob seems rather flat.