Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Paranormal Romance

Beautiful Creatures (Garcia, 2009)--Caster Chronicles, Book 1--Ethan dreams of a girl he's never met. One day, she is a new student at his school. Deeply-rooted in the history of a small southern town, Beautiful Creatures is a story of first loves, magic, secrets, and curses.

The Hollow (Verday, 2009)--When Abbey's best friend Kristen disappears, Abbey develops a friendship and tentative romance with Caspian, the mysterious boy she meets at Kristen's memorial service. The setting is Sleepy Hollow and the story has lots of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow references.

Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side (Fantaskey, 2009)--American teen learns that she was betrothed at birth to a vampire prince

Paranormalcy (White, 2010)--teen girl can see through paranormal glamours and works for IPCA to help "police" the world's paranormals

The Summoning (Armstrong, 2009)--Because she claims to be able to see ghosts, Chloie is sent to Lyle House, a group home for teens with similar abilities, and diagnosed with schitzophrenia.