Friday, March 18, 2011

Books Like Gone

The books on this list feature kids and adults in life-threatening or apocalyptic situations. Desperate people tend to do desperate things...

Feed (Anderson, 2004)--An ordinary spring break trip to the moon is thwarted by a computer hacker who disrupts their brain feeds, giving them nothing inside their heads for days. 

The Hunger Games (Collins, 2008)--To satisfy a bloodthirsty and oppressive Capital, Katniss and Peeta join with 22 other "tributes" in a deadly, televised game where the winner is the last one left alive.

The Long Walk (King/Bachman, 1979)--A slow-speed race to see who can walk the farthest without getting shot.

Lord of the Flies (Golding, 1959)--A group of young and teen boys survives a plane crash and attempt to battle against weather, starvation, and each other on a deserted island.

The Stand (King, 1980)--Survivors of an accidentally-released super flu try to find other survivors and to move on after nearly all of the U.S. population is killed.

Trapped (Northrop, 2011)--Seven high school students are trapped in their school during an epic snowstorm.

Unwind (Shusterman, 2007)--Three teens run for their lives (and try to avoid organ harvesting) in this horrific view of America's future.

Variant (Wells, 2011)--Benson is trapped in a school where there are no adults and cameras record everything. Breaking the rules means certain death.