Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Status = p. 131

Fell asleep reading last night. Mason is just too noble, too heroic to be only 15 years old. He risks his life for Laila (yes, the girl does indeed have a name), even though he barely knows her. Isn't he worried about missing school because he is on the run? Doesn't he wonder if his mother is worried or has called the police?

The first part of the book DID explain that Mason saved a life when he was younger, and that event really resonated with Mason. Bodeen explains that Mason really loves being the hero, and we do see that twice in the story before he helps Laila escape. Without that element, I would not be able to believe in such an altruistic Mason. Including that one explanation really helps make Mason at least somewhat more believable.

Still no language or content to worry parents of younger readers. I do think this book will be popular with my middle students, despite my boredom and inability to buy into the characters or plot.